Plan your weekend ahead! Join us for a fun, full weekend of geothermally heated springs and rugged desert hiking! Camp on the shores of Lake Isabella and visit Remington Hot Springs. Join Lake Isabella Campout 2017 for 3 days and 2 nights, May 5 – 7 2017 and experience one of the nicest primitive hot tubs in the whole region.

Camp 9, rests on the shores of Lake Isabella, a high desert reservoir. Its proximity to the lake and the Upper Kern River makes the facility popular among boaters, rafters and anglers. The camp is also a favorite among RV campers, with ample parking available to accommodate both trailers and motorized watercraft.

Remington is by far, one of the nicest primitive hot tubs in the whole region and easy to access. If you can find it, the rewards are great!! You can find travelers, mountain bikers, dirt bikers, hikers, backpackers, campers, off-roaders, RVers, burners, desert rats, military boys, local kids, LA couples,  techno DJs from Russia – a wide variety of people soaking at this not-so-secret spot.

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