Looking for fun activities for your kids on spring break?

Register them for Spring Break Critter Camp where they can interact with animals, create crafts, play games and many more.

The event will be held every weekday from April 3 to April 21 at the Helen Woodward Animal Center. Each day has a unique theme and various experiences your kids will surely love.

Spring Camp Themes

Monday – Spring Senses: Animals don’t have calendars to tell them when spring has sprung but they do seem to have a keen sense for changes in season. Campers will meet a dove, dog, mini horse, ball python or corn snake, and leopard gecko while learning about the various ways that animals take in information and communicate.

Tuesday – Whose nest is the best?: A shift in temperature can mean big changes to our surroundings. Campers will find out how animals’ habitats are affected and which adaptations help them during transitional times. They will meet an alpaca, turtle, invertebrate, rabbit, and blue tongue skink.

Wednesday – Out with the gloom, in with the bloom: As the snow melts, new plant and animal life sprout all about, which is great news for growing critters! Campers will meet a bearded or water dragon, parrot, sheep, rosy boa, and rabbit while exploring the various eating habits of animals.

Thursday – Ready, Set, Grow!: While meeting a cat, chicken, frog, guinea pig, and invertebrate, campers will find out which animal families bloom in spring. We will also discover the various parenting styles that exist in nature and compare them to our own methods of raising families.

Friday – A Tail of two Feathers: Spring is a time of new beginnings so we will explore different ways to re-write the story of our relationship with animals and the planet that we share. While meeting a cockatiel, chinchilla, invertebrate, dog, and bearded or water dragon, campers will learn how animals help people and why we should conserve for critters.

Learn more at animalcenter.org