wholefoodsTiny tots aged four and below and their guardians are invited to attend the Feast on Healthy Snacks happening on Friday, August 15, 2014. This free activity starts at 10:30 in the morning and ends at 12:00 noon at The New Children’s Museum located at 200 W Island Avenue, San Diego, California.

These little guests will get the opportunity to learn creative and fun ways on making healthy foods. Accompanying adults will also become more knowledgeable about the many healthful choices available thanks to the present certified nutritionists with Child Development Associates.

Whole Foods Market has generously sponsored this event so do not miss this opportunity!

These facilitated toddler programs happens at the New Children’s Museum every Fridays. These programs value the whole child and support healthy minds and bodies by exposing them to movement, music, and social play. ScholarShare and First 5 are also the other sponsors for the facilitated toddler programs.

Please call (619) 233-8792 for any question or inquiry about the activity. To learn more about the event details, feel free to visit http://thinkplaycreate.org.