Enjoy the BIG Salsa Festival in San Diego! The BIG Salsa Festival San Diego is a four-day Latin event featuring some of the greatest names in performing arts and music! Learn more about the diverse culture of San Diego, amazing dancers, and delicious food. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dance, this is the perfect beginning.

Each day is packed with dance classes, amazing performances, live band concerts, and latin dance parties into the early morning hours. Once you experience BIG Salsa Festival, it will surely become one of the premier events you look forward to every year.

If you are looking to improve and advance your techniques, BIG San Diego offers classes for beginners, challenges for the advanced, and everything in between. Come learn from the best dancers the world and our local community. We know you’ll enjoy The BIG Salsa Festival San Diego.

For more info, visit bigsalsafestival.com