Connect with other girls, explore airplanes, experience a fly-in, meet women with careers, and learn about local aviation schools and organizations! Be part of Girls in Aviation Day 2017 on September 23 at Jet Source facilities at McClellan-Palomar Airport. Make your day extraordinary and full of fun and inspiration! Register now!

They introduced the girls to role models including the Blue Angels’ first female pilot, U.S. Marine Corps Capt Katie Higgins, who flies the C-130 Hercules aircraft ‘Fat Albert’. The girls ended up spending over 30 minutes with Capt Higgins before the Blue Angels photographer took the official photo with the team and Jet #1!

The San Diego Chapter was one of 70 WAI chapters around the world hosting Girls in Aviation Day events that weekend to inspire the next generation of women in aviation. Chapters all over the world put on their own unique programs, and many U.S. states officially proclaimed September 24, 2016, to be Girls in Aviation Day in their state!